Parkour Caribe Tour




After Asia, the Parkour Tour returns this year with a new edition, this time traveling through 5 Caribbean countries. And it is Brick, the parkour brand distributed by GYMNOVA, that will equip the entire event.


BRICK, partner of the FIG 

We are honored to announce that the entire infrastructure of the Parkour Caribe Tour will be equipped by the Brick brand, distributed by GYMNOVA.

Brick, in partnership with the International Gymnastics Federation, will provide its training kits as well as new products that athletes can test in advance.

Discover parkour easily 

This event is a unique opportunity to introduce parkour to an international audience, aiming to inspire and encourage people to take an interest in this accessible discipline. Demonstrations, workshops, and meetings with athletes will be organized daily to allow everyone to learn and discover this exciting discipline.

Event details 

The Parkour Caribe Tour is organized over 20 days from June 18 to July 7, 2024. The team will travel through 5 Caribbean countries, spending 2 days in each country.