The various equipment brands that make up the GYMNOVA range cover all stages in the practice of gymnastics.


Educ'Gym is a range intended to help children develop their psychomotor skills as well as to introduce them to gymnastics (foam modules, wooden learning equipment with multiple combinations allowing them to follow learning circuits, etc.)

Logo O'jump

O'Jump, a brand which has been part of the GYMNOVA offering since 2009 and specialized in landing equipment:

  • School mats
  • Foam modules for baby gym
  • Training and competition mats for wrestling
  • Landing areas for climbing walls
  • Various protective pads for walls, pillars, posts etc.

GYMNOVA is the brand name under which the following are distributed and installed:

  • All products approved by the International Federation of Gymnastics and necessary for the disciplines placed under its aegis: Women's and Men's Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Acrosport, Tumbling and Trampoline, Aerobics, i.e.
    • Apparatus such as parallel and asymmetric bars, high bars, ring frames, pommel horses, vaulting tables, balance beams and springboards
    • Exercise floors for artistic gymnastics, RG and aerobics
    • Regulation landing and safety mats…


  • Specific training products in these disciplines to facilitate technical performance while reducing physical fatigue and injury in a safe environment
    • Landing pits,
    • Built-in trampolines,
    • Elastic acrobatics tracks,
    • Special high-impact-absorbing mats


  • School and learning equipment
    • Mini-apparatus
    • School apparatus
    • Foam modules of various shapes
    • Mats, gymnastic tracks
    • Springboards and mini-trampolines, etc.