A passion for gymnastics

Our know-how

Manufacturing gymnastics equipment requires the know-how of several skills, which is why GYMNOVA, a gymnastics and sports equipment specialist relies on two factories for the production of its product ranges

  • Vieux d’Izenave (Rhone-Alps region): a 12,000 m² manufacturing facility producing equipment and gymnastic matting.
  • Wattrelos in the north of France: a 4,500 m² facility dedicated to the manufacture of various types of matting and our Educ’Gym educational soft play equipment.

These production sites are committed to protect the environment and are both certified ISO 14001.

Our production workshops' specialist fields

  • Mechanical welding (manufacture of metal parts)
  • Mechanical assembly, mounting of various components
  • Upholstery, coverings, trims (vaulting tables, pommel horses, beams, springboards)
  • Sewing, cutting out of foam and fabrics, gluing, filling (mats)





GYMNOVA partners with FB Curves 3D Gym to once again assist gymnastics!


Interview of Remi Karakotchian on the "Internationaux de France"


We wish to continued sucess to Georges Guelzec


Montreal pedestal base competition vaulting table - FIG Approved

Our Events


Artistic Gymnastics European Championships, Glasgow (Scotland)


Elite Gym Massilia


Artistic Gymnastics World championships, Montreal (Canada)