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Boutique O'Jump

Gymnova, a company at your service

All of our clients can benefit from the services before and after sale which they can expect from us. The know-how we have acquired from almost 30 years, allows us to bring our competences to you regarding designs, advice, installation, maintenance, competition equipment...

As a matter of fact, we put at your disposal :

  • A sales and design office : we design blueprints for specialized gymnasiums and follow-up for the building sites.
  • A technical design office : research and development, special adaptations, up-grading equipment to conform to the standards (internal test laboratory).
  • An installations department technicians on the ground with vehicles equipped with specialized tools.
  • An after-sales department : equipment checks, maintenance...
  • A competition department : truck to transport the equipment and a specialist technician
  • A sales network of 11 technical sales representatives for France and more than twenty distributors over the world.
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