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Boutique O'Jump
Spotting rig with short cable system

Gymnova - Ref. 2778

Spotting rig with short cable system

Provides reassurance to allow gymnasts of all ages to develop with confidence. With the psychological constraints removed, gymnsts can perform dangerous exercices at will, such as releases and dismounts, accompanied by their coach.
The pulley system considerably reduces the effort required of the spotter. People with lighter builds are able to assist heavier builds.
- Can be fitted to both round (high bar) or square (asymetrics bars) GYMNOVA uprights.
- Offset can be adjusted according to requiremenrs by adapting the length of the cables.
- Special adapter kit for apparatus with access platforms (please ask).
- No need to fit new anchor points in most instances.

Floor space : 4 x 2.10 m.

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