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New acrobatic sport line

Fri 07/02/10
New acrobatic sport line

The new brochure for acrobatic sports will give you an overview of the entire range of GYMNOVA trampoline and tumbling equipment but also of all the recently developed products:

• Trampolair’One, a complete range made up of six trampolines:
Beds: 13x13, 6x6, 6x4, 5x4, RTCAN and TCAN including 4 FIG-approved models.
We would like to inform you that Ref. 5270 with 5x4 bed has been chosen to equip the forthcoming 2010 World Championships in Metz.

• The FIG-approved double mini trampoline, which design aims at achieving optimal stability allowing gymnasts to perform sequences of acrobatic moves dynamically and in full confidence.

• The new inflatable track provides a flat impact surface for all acrobatic moves. Autonomous, the track remains inflated for more than a week.

Download the acrobatic sport booklet


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